Planning a home addition or renovation?

Adding an extension to your home involves digging and laying foundations. So whatever you plan to use the space for (not only kitchen or bathrooms, but even a living room or bedroom), you will need to check where all plumbing pipes are located under the ground before hiring a digger or attacking the ground with a pick axe. You need to factor in possible alterations to your plumbing layout before adding any extension. This also applies to renovations of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry where you are thinking of moving the layout of existing units to different parts of the house or apartment.

The reason for this is you will want the right, continuous water pressure for your needs, and this correlates to the overall system set up for your property. Adding another bathroom, an infinity pool, or even a spa pool can alter the pressure and flow of water throughout the property. Also look at what piping you have, as mixing galvinised pipes with higher quality copper lines could cause problems in the connections. You may have to think about replacing existing galvinised pipes with copper to ensure a strong, durable plumbing system is in place.

You will also have to think about where your underground drainage system is located as to where you extend, or where to move existing drainage so you can have that addition facing the views of the ocean or the rolling hills.

Your existing septic tank and septic bed are designed with a capacity based on the number of plumbing fixtures in your existing home. Adding to these can cause a potential overload to the current system.

Likewise with the existing hot water system, if you are adding an ensuite, a sink in the butlers pantry, or a whole bathroom, even a granny flat, you will use up the hot water much quicker. This is where you will need to update to a larger heating system to accommodate the extra usage needed.  

Removing walls that house existing plumbing pipes and connections means you will need to relocate these pipes to fit your new design. 


So before finalising your design, you should get in touch with Rob Garbers for his advice on the best layout for your plumbing needs. He has had years of experience helping people realise their dreams with the right advice and layouts. He also has inside knowledge on the best products to use, and the most efficient systems for your needs. Rob also has reliable contacts for other jobs around the home, so don’t look any further, get in touch now.